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ResponsabilitàWinternitz, Emanuel <1898-1983>, primo autore - Authority esterno
TitoloLeonardo da Vinci as a musician / Emanuel Winternitz.
PubblicazioneNew Haven ; London : Yale University Press, 1982
Descrizione fisicaXXV, 241 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Anno di pubblicazione1982
Lingua (ISO 639-2)eng
AbstractThe central problem of Leonardo's music is essentially the same as that posed by all extemporized performance in the Renaissance: the vital evidence of the music itself simply has not been recorded. […] Winternitz's great strength lies in his interpretations of Leonardo's sketches for musical instruments, which range from cursory scribbles to detailed diagrams of mechanical components. He demonstrates that Leonardo's extraordinary inventiveness was no less vividly apparent in music than in other areas of his scienza. The author's analyses of the drawings are highly persuasive and permit him to credit Leonardo with a number of notably ingenious conceptions. Most remarkable of these is the viola organista. (dalla recensione di Martin Kemp in Journal of the American Musicological Society, 36/2, 1983, p. 312)

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Winternitz, Emanuel (Autore)

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